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About the Artist

Julie Ann Stricklin The only word that can describe the body of work Julie Ann Stricklin has created is "eclectic". Each piece is developed by a desire to illustrate or express a specific feeling or emotion. Julie's media and pallet choices are chosen by what would best depict her desired effect.

Julie developed her desire for eclectic expression naturally. She has spent her life experiencing and living within a variety of life styles and cultures. Her variety of experiences continue to inspire new avenues of creative options.

After acquiring transferable credits from a variety of schools, including The University of Texas Julie earned her degree in Applied Arts and Sciences with an Emphasis in Design from San Diego State University. Julie returned to school a decade later to acquire her Digital Graphic Design certification from the Advertising Arts College in San Diego, CA.

Julie's work has become even more varied through the art she was exposed to while traveling the United States, the Orient, Europe, South America and the South Pacific.

Julie constantly alternates her passion for design work, illustration and fine art. These passions have created a body of work that includes the illustration of six children's books. Each designed with their own individual illustrative style. Julie's graphic pieces have been chosen as well as published in hard cover art books, that show case American designers use of new and unique exploration in visual inventiveness. Julie's client list for fine art is as eclectic as her styles, ranging from corporate banks, business accounts, publishers, pro athletes, and actors and well as local and international commissions.

Julie has now chosen to reproduce work from her personal collection of fine art. A single piece can not be chosen to identify her favorite style. Her continued desire to grow and experiment artistically keeps her patrons constantly curious to see each new piece.

Julie shows her work regularly at a variety of venues and galleries. Check out photos of recent shows that featured Julie's work.